2023 Mezzacello Annual Report

2023 Mezzacello Annual Report
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Our Mission:

Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain

Mezzacello Urban Farm invites students, families, and communities to learn about sustainability in a live enclosed, interrelated ecosystem lab in a densely populated urban environment. With gardens, ponds, pollinator systems, classrooms, compost, livestock, fish, insects and various bacteria, we teach about life. Our farm includes a greenhouse, power generation and water collection and purification systems, and a series of labs for research and teaching. Our focus is on hands-on applied STEM and we integrate robotics, automation, coding, and sensor systems needed to maintain a healthy, balanced homestead in the 21st Century.


We were incorporated into a non-profit in 2021 and have been operating learning labs, tours and workshops here since then. In 2023 we saw ENORMOUS growth.

Annual Report Growth
Annual Report Financial Growth

2023 Highlights:

  • 2024 Innovations included a new BioLab for Biotech research and greenhouse use, an expanded BioEngineering Lab including 3D Printing and data analysis, and expanded power generation and renewables.
  • New for 2023 was the first iteration of my Student Leadership interns – a cadre of five well-trained and competent middle schoolers capable of teaching and leading with confidence.
  • In 2023 Mezzacello presented 6 presentation on Applied STEM innovations to the Global Innovation Field Trip and in partnership with Franklin Park Conservatory and The PAST Foundation.

Donations and Connect!

We created Mezzacello Urban Farm to make the world, or at least our local communities more innovative and sustainable. But we need your help. Please consider a donation to help us create a sustainable world.

Every dollar of your donation goes to providing equipment, resources, and scholarships, for inner-city and marginalized communities in Central Ohio to participate in Mezzacello programming. Please consider being a light in someone else’s garden.


That 10% in donations allowed 28 young people to attend camps at Mezzacello. Be a force for positive experience and change. Rick and I ourselves empowered 35 kids to join us here at Mezzacello Urban Farm. This is our first year in independent operation. 2024 holds so much more!

Please Consider Joining Us Here at Mezzacello Urban Farm!

There you can learn more about our mission, camps, workshops, research and development or to schedule a tour, donate or collaborate.

Sponsors and volunteers are welcome as well. All this can be accessed on

Become involved in our Mission Today!

Thanks to Our Generous 2023 Sponsors and Partners!

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