The Benefits of Microclimates

Left, a more open climate, Right: a tight space to promote moisture, shade and growth.

This is a follow up post to my Parterre Garden 101. This post will focus on the Benefits of Microclimates and its role in water retention and xeriscaping. Just for context I have only watered this parsley and Basil twice this year.


Here at Mezzacello we are committed to permaculture and xeriscape. Everything we do at Mezzacello – every bed, structure, process, experiment, and plant has a role and an expectation. It generally aligns to Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.

In the case of the microclimate of the herbal parterre garden, this is definitely about water. The boxwood parterre creates a wind and sunblock that spares tender plants. It helps them hold in their moisture.

Sustainability Not Show

Mezzacello and our commitment to sustainability mandates that we don’t get a lot of flowers. The plants are strong, just not showy. We make it a point to NOT water because of the permaculture of the lasagna garden.

The lasagna garden bed below the parterre and the moisture hugging microclimate of the boxwood parterre hold in the rain. The moisture doesn’t evaporate away like in the grass.

Not Just One Aspect

A microclimate is not just one aspect, it is multiple aspects all coming together. Rain water from the bioreactor rain collection tank, compost from the bioreactor, and sunlight from the atmosphere. It takes the Earth, Wind, Water and Fire and creates a sustainable microclimate.

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