Carbon Footprint in a Yard

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Today I was in a local high school working with 9th graders on environmental science and food production. The topic at hand was how we reduce our carbon footprint with sustainability. So this morning I pulled together this blog post to illustrate how we address our Carbon Footprint in a Yard.

It’s pretty rare for me to have a mic drip moment, but it was definite this morning. These kids were struggling to find alternatives to the 8 largest sources of carbon in our environment. so I pulled up this blog. The eight leading causes of an excess carbon footprint are:

  1. Driving a car short distances
  2. Taking a plane
  3. Beef
  4. Using a refrigerator
  5. Using AC
  6. Leaving lights on
  7. Using a dryer
  8. Eating American cheese

The kids were struggling to find three alternatives to all of these things on their own. They came up with one maybe two. I brought this blog post in and it blew the other one minds.

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