Welcome Neighbors to 501C3 Day

Welcome Neighbors to 501C3 Day
Jim Bruner | Mezzacello First Garden Party as a 501C3 with neighbors, family, patrons, and supporters at Mezzacello.

Tonight was a milestone for us here at Mezzacello. This was Welcome Neighbors to 501C3 Day — the first event we had as an official 501C3 non-profit. We have functioned as a non-profit in the past as a program of the extraordinarily generous PAST Foundation, but tonight we were flying confidently.

we love that we are starting to shift peoples mindsets towards a web of life and not a war of wills.

Jim Bruner

It’s been quite a journey to get here. It required rebuilding THREE times. So many lessons learned and insights.

WE know we are an ecosystem and we love that we are starting to shift peoples mindsets towards a web of life and not a war of wills. We are working towards a vision where people really begin to see they are part of a circle of life, and not just a circle of their life.

We worked hard to get here. The friends, neighbors, and family that were here on this fine Sunday in May know how hard we have worked. They helped with so much of the work themselves, or they donated biomass, materials, insight, money and most importantly, patience, hugs, and wise words when we needed them.

Mezzacello Is Gratitude

Mezzacello was founded in a principle of gratitude, grace, proportion, and sustainability. This part was a proof of that commitment. 100+ people and they did not destroy the place. They – like us – love this postage stamp paradise as much as we do. And they should – they helped us build it.

We’ll have another for the boards and friends and companies we have been graced to work with. Tonight was personal and local. Do not take offense that you were not here. We all of us were celebrating that we at last could be here.

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