We don’t use chemicals or pesticides on the lawn. We free range the birds occasionally, and want to let them enjoy whatever the can find healthily. That sometimes means we get volunteer plants that we didn’t intend. Dandelions are often a fight, but sometimes a delight. Serendipities are often appreciated and embraced here. Tonights unexpecteds were the gift of the dandelions from nature, the gift of bread from a friend of the gardens, and a little cacciatore sauce left from last nights meal to put over fish and rice. We decided to take it outside to eat by a fire.

See the link below for a delightful salad that we now include in our kitchen “repertoire”. But don’t second guess it. It’s lovely,

Rick Riley | Mezzacello
Rick Riley | Mezzacello
Rick Riley | Mezzacello
Rick Riley | Mezzacello
Rick Riley | Mezzacello

and all the ingredients together are now a favorite of ours and our guests!


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