I live on an urban farm in downtown Columbus, OH. I have a job I love and I have chores I have to do everyday. This was early spring, 2019. The camera I keep to monitor the poultry and rabbit yards safe from vandals. On this day, it caught me between work and probably a board meeting at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra or an opening night at ShadowboxLive. No time to change. Let’s just get the chickens and ducks fed and watered and keep going. This is life on an urban farm.

Sometimes the Urban Part is more important than the Farming part. Jim Bruner | Mezzacello

Because I don’t always make distinctions between “work” clothes and “farm work” clothes I am pretty selective with the clothes I wear. The lion’s share of my clothing comes from Ohio Thrift Store, Hand me  downs and Amazon.com. That way if I destroy my clothes doing farm chores unexpectedly I’m not out an arm and a leg on fashion.

I like to imagine I am shooting an editorial for GQ Magazine. In this photo Jim is wearing a $79 suit from @Amazon, a $3 dress shirt from @OhioThriftStores, $6 crew socks from @Menards, $30 shoes from @DSW, a $70 bow tie from @Macy’s and a $70 @CountryGentleman trilby fedora. Don’t skimp on the hat or the bow tie; even the chickens will judge you for that.

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