Today the garbage disposal died. Not a quiet death but a torturous, loud, wet, sloppy, disgusting death. We discovered there was a problem we were doing dishes and we suddenly realized that we were standing in water down turn off all the water going through the drain was flowing through the dead garbage disposal into the cabinet under the floor and out. In a 150+ year old house issues like this are never easy. Code has changed a lot since 1985. So have garbage disposals. That is a high quality disposal whose stainless steel mounting ring has almost completely disintegrated due to entropy and corrosion. You can see that the mounting ring is in literally two pieces.

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The basic premise remains the same, but the modern garbage disposal is now a plug in appliance. The monster I just replaced was hardwired into a switch. So not only did I have to replace the disposal I also had to install a GFCI box, tie that into the switch and tear out the entire cabinet base. It was disgusting — Straight out of a crime scene investigation.

I made the case that we rarely use the garbage disposal as we recycle almost all food out to the gardens, compost, and animals. But I was afraid to install just a straight drain, and Rick likes the comfort of just putting the most putrid of leftovers down the drain. OK I will buy a new garbage disposal, blissfully unaware of all the extra steps that had to be taken.

So now we have a 21st Century garbage disposal wired to 1985 electrical system, in a 1970s Kitchen sitting in a corner sink cabinet that was designed by the Marquis de Sade. Yes let’s build a sink with two 14” x 14” sinks set at a 90 ° angle with 12″ doors also set at 90 ° angle. Thank the fates I am a slim man.

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