10 Facts About Mezzacello (Part 1)

10 Facts About Mezzacello (Part 1)
Rick’s hands in the garden

Today we had a large group of ecologically-minded people through the gardens at Mezzacello. I gave tours and explained the integrated, enclosed ecosystems all day. So I decided to write a quick blogpost regarding 10 facts about Mezzacello.

  1. Mezzacello is a non-profit learning lab for urban agriculture.
  2. Mezzacello is also a private home and somebody’s backyard.
  3. All of the plants and flowers (except for the boxwoods) are from cuttings.
  4. None of the plants, trees, flowers, or herbs (Except for the food gardens) are watered ever.
  5. All of the beds are built atop permaculture beds called swales.
  6. Mezzacello contains seven integrated and sustainable ecosystems.
  7. In the potager garden, all of the “soil” in the garden beds is built from compost and diatomaceous earth.
  8. There are 23 solar panels five wind turbines, 20 batteries and two AC inverters at Mezzacello.
  9. Mezzacello hosts summer camps, tours, online courses, and educational programs locally, regionally and online around the world.
  10. There is an integrated sewer beneath the livestock shed that collects and treats manure for reuse.

Well, this is awkward. There are 20 more things I talked about today that did not make this list. I didn’t even get to the animals, the bioreactor, or how we came up with the name Mezzacello!

I will have to make another post. Are there questions you have about Mezzacello? Let us know on Social Media or leave a comment!

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